Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Vegetable Varieties We Will Grow Again This Year

Peas and brassicas in the early garden in 2009
Over the years we have discovered some varieties that we will grow over and over again because they perform well in the garden and we enjoy eating them.  Here are a few that we will be replanting this year:

Beans, Snap, Green: Tenderpick-An old standby, this variety fits our needs.
Beans, Snap, Yellow: Golden Wax Improved-This is a very yummy and productive yellow bean that freezes beautifully.
Beets: Tall Top Early Wonder-A very sweet beet that held up well under very wet conditions.
Carrots:  Nantes Coreless-We've had real problems growing good tasting carrots in our garden.  These were sweet and wonderful the last two years so we'll try them again this year.
Corn, Sweet:  Ambrosia Hybrid, bicolor- We've grown many different varieties of sweet corn with varying degrees of success.  Last year we tried this one and were astounded at how productive the plants were, how uniform the ears were, and there was very little earworm damage (we grow organically and did not treat for earworm).  We froze a lot of this as corn on the cob, and it is still wonderful!
Mesclun Mix: Sweet Salad Mix-We were amazed at how long this mix produced, well into the hottest of summer weather.
Peas: Super Sugar Snap-Not sure if I'm 100% sold on this one yet, but we sowed it late last year and it did well.  Will sow it much earlier and see if the yields are higher.  We did enjoy the flavor and it froze well without getting stringy.
Pumpkin: Seminole-This is an heirloom variety that we got through the SC Seed Foundation years ago.  We save our own seed from year to year.  We LOVE this pumpkin.  It is big, flattened (usually), and buff colored.  It has a very hard shell, and as a result, it stores forever.  I have held these in the cellar until April.  There is a very small seed cavity and each fruit produces lots of sweet flesh.  I cook these up in the oven, whip the cooked flesh in the food processor, and store in the freezer to use in pies, casseroles, pancakes, breads, etc.
Radish: Cherry Belle-Another old standby.  Tasty, not too hot, not too big, just right.
Tomatoes: Mountain Magic-This is a new hybrid, salad size tomato with incredible flavor and late blight resistance.  It is an indeterminate.  Developed by recently retired NC State University tomato breeder, Randy Gardner, this will be the first year it is commercially available.
Tomatoes: Sungold-If you have never had this tiny, yellow grape tomato, you have to give it a try.  It is like candy!

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