Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ginseng Wild-Harvesters are Growing their Own 'Sang, Too!

David Coates studying how to grow ginseng and other botanicals. Photo taken by Charity Hope Coates.
Ginseng harvest season opens in a few days and wild-harvesters are excited about getting out into the woods to harvest this valuable native herb. But the popularity of ginseng could soon lead to its demise and a possible ban to wild-harvesting if we don't make greater efforts to protect this plant. This means only harvesting mature plants that have had a chance to produce seeds, carefully planting the seeds from the plants you harvest, and growing more ginseng on our wooded lands.

One long-time harvester of wild-ginseng who has embraced growing his own ginseng is David Coates. David LIVES for ginseng. His business is Coates and Taylor's Roots and Herbs in Bluefield, WV. He buys ginseng and other roots from wild-harvesters and growers. He fills Facebook with posts about hunting ginseng, reminding readers to stay legal and only harvest mature roots in season. He also sells ginseng seeds and encourages his harvesters to grow some of their own.

I love this photo of David reading our book. Of course it is great free advertising for our book, but it supports what I always tell potential growers. If you want to be successful growing these plants, you need to learn everything you can about how to do it. Read our book, attend workshops and presentations by people who are actually doing it (beware "the expert" who never gets their hands dirty), and visit other growers (most are willing to share, especially if you offer to help or pay a consultation fee).

If you want to grow your own ginseng, now is an excellent time to get started. I am offering two specials right now :
  • One special is 2 oz of high quality ginseng seed from Green Gold Enterprises with a copy of our book Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal and Other Woodland Medicinals signed by Scott Persons.  Click on the appropriate Add to Cart button on the right or read more about the special HERE.
  • The other special is 25 one-year-old ginseng rootlets from High Valley Ginseng with a copy of our book Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal and Other Woodland Medicinals signed by me. Click on the appropirate Add to Cart button on the right or read more about the special HEREUPDATE ON 9/1/2015: JOHNNY IS SOLD OUT OF ONE YEAR OLD ROOTLETS. I  MODIFIED THE OFFER TO INCLUDE A SMALLER NUMBER OF THREE YEAR OLD ROOTLETS HERE.

 A wild-simulated ginseng root from Avery County, NC.
Here is a short excerpt from our book about wild-simulated planting as written by Scott Persons:
"The wild-simulated approach takes the longest time from planting to harvest, but it is by far the simplest method, the least expensive and time consuming, the most compatible with the natural ecology of your land, and it can be implemented on steep hillsides where nothing else is practical. Seeds are planted thinly with minimal disturbance to the forest floor and left to grow naturally so that extremely desirable roots, indistinguishable from truly wild roots, are harvested. In effect, the grower develops a naturalized population of wild ginseng within his woodlot. Wild-simulated growing requires only a modest investment in seed and labor, and the bulk of the labor is in the digging, which is not done until profit is nearly assured. It can be profitable on either a small or large scale. One person can plant and maintain many acres without mechanized equipment. In my opinion, it is the method of choice, if you have the right spot to do it, especially if that spot encompasses multiple acres. (If your woodlot is not ideally suited for ginseng, there is an alternative, more labor-intensive variation-see The Hankins Method at the end of this chapter)."

I would be remiss, however, if I did not point out that theft is going to be your major production problem. Do not take this lightly. Security should be a major component of your ginseng growing plan.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ginseng Seed and Our Ginseng Growing Book-Special Sale!

My coauthor, Scott Persons of Green Gold Enterprises, has a well-earned reputation for selling some of the best quality ginseng seed. His customers return year after year to purchase his seed. These are stratified, water tested seed that will germinate in Spring 2016.

For $60 you will receive 2 oz. of ginseng seed (about 800 seeds) and a copy of our book Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal and Other Woodland Medicinals signed by Scott Persons. To protect the seeds from possible heat damage and to have them arrive in time for fall planting, the book and seed package will be shipped out after September 14. All orders will be shipped early in the week to avoid weekend storage en route. But don't wait to order your seeds! Scott sells out of seed every year.

Please note. Green Gold Enterprises does not have a website. This is the only on-line opportunity you will have to purchase seed from Scott. If you would like to buy additional seed, please send me a message using the private message box on the right, and I will get that information for you. Prices per ounce and pound decrease the more you buy.

This is a limited time offer and will be discontinued when Green Gold Enterprises runs out of seed. To order, click on the shipping option (Add to Cart Button) on the right for Ginseng Seed & Book for $60. If you are working from a smart phone or tablet, you might have to use the full web version to see the Add to Cart buttons. Just scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "View web version".

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Special Planting Season Offer: Ginseng Rootlets & Book

For the second year, High Valley Ginseng and Our Tiny Farm have come together to make you a special offer of  25 one-year-old ginseng rootlets AND a copy of the book Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal & Other Woodland Botanicals for just $58.00. That is $4 less than last year and saves you $9.67 compared to if you bought the book and roots separately from each of the business websites.
The book will be signed and dated by the lead author, Jeanine Davis. It will be shipped directly from the author at Our Tiny Farm in Etowah, NC via media mail within one business day of receiving the order.

The one year old ginseng roots will be shipped directly to you from High Valley Ginseng in Suches, GA via priority mail. It may be several weeks between when you order and when you receive the rootlets because each shipment must be inspected prior to shipping. This is to ensure that you are getting disease and insect free material. To learn more about High Valley Ginseng, check out their Facebook page or Website.

To provide the best quality and service, the ginseng rootlets and book will be shipped separately from each business. High Valley Ginseng suggests you have the plants delivered to where you can be sure to pick them up right away so they don't lose quality from staying in the packaging too long.

Each company retains responsibility for their own products and any questions or concerns should be directed to the relevant company.

This is a limited time offer and will be discontinued when High Valley Ginseng can no longer ship rootlets.

To place your order, click on the shipping option on the right for the Book & 25 Ginseng Rootlets for $58.00.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It is harvest season and there is a hint of fall in the air!

It is mid-August and life has slowed down just a little bit on Our Tiny Farm. I noticed this week that there are some tree leaves on the ground, the late afternoon light is changing, and there is just a hint of fall in the air. I know we aren't even close yet, but change is in the air.
The garlic is dried and cured and hubby started the process of trimming and cleaning it today.
It is very beautiful garlic and we had a good yield. We will be offering it for sale soon at the Mills River Farmers' Market and on-line here and on Ebay.
Our very senior horse has put on weight and is looking good this summer. We feed him grain and soaked alfalfa twice a day. It is a lot of work, but we want his golden years to be comfortable.
And here is a picture of the absolute sweetest dog in the world. He is always smiling and gets along well with all the other animals on Our Tiny Farm.
The donkeys are very easy keepers and started to really put on weight this summer. So we now confine them to the paddock during the day and just put them on the pasture for the evening and overnight. As long as they can always see and touch noses with the horse, they seem okay with it.
And we will end this update with a shot of one of the gardens on the farm. In a few weeks I will provide an update on the honey, popcorn, and potato crops and where we will be selling them. We will also have an estimate on when we will have our pasture raised Black Angus beef for sale.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!