Thursday, August 10, 2017

Our Tiny Farm is Going Through a Transition

I apologize for not posting anything since last January. It has been a busy year for us on Our Tiny Farm. We did a major remodeling of our house, which you all know causes all kinds of disruptions in a family.
We are also in the process of changing what we produce on Our Tiny Farm. In the past we have raised beef cattle, chickens, horses, donkeys, bees, garlic, popcorn, vegetables, and herbs. With the kids grown and gone (or mostly so), wanting time for other activities, and just wanting to try different things on the farm, we have downsized what we do.
Presently, we do not have any beef cattle or chickens on the farm and aren't sure if we will raise anymore. We are also not boarding horses right now.
We are still raising garlic and bees. The garlic is curing and we have hives full of honey.
We are only raising vegetables and herbs for our own family needs.
We are now boarding donkeys. These are our first boarders, Faith (the jenny) and Hope (her baby). This is a good fit for our farm.
Glen will continue to consult with folks interested in leading a lifestyle like we do.
And I will continue to sell my book, teach at workshops and conferences, and consult out of state. I will also try to keep our website more up to date!!