Thursday, September 20, 2018

Heading into Fall on Our Tiny Farm

Five donkeys in the pasture
Currently we have five donkeys on Our Tiny Farm. Two of them, Chester and Meadow,  are ours. The other three are boarders.  We have Faith, the mother,  Hope,  her yearling daughter,  and Corey Love, her son who was born just a few months ago. They make for a very happy,  and entertaining,  little herd.
Black steer under a tree
We have Black Angus steer on the farm again. These two aren't ours.  They belong to a friend,  but I missed having the big boys on the pasture so we are happy to give them a home.
Vegetable garden
We grew a small garden this year,  mostly for the family. We have enjoyed delicious summer squash, lots of tomatoes, a wide variety of peppers,  eggplant, sweet corn, and peas.
Square bales of hay
In late June,  for the first time, we had hay from our pasture cut and baled. We are very pleased with the quality and it will make for a good savings for us this winter. We plan to do a second cutting in October.
Woman holding a freshly dug garlic bulb
In May we received about 21 inches of rain in a two to three week period. This was bad timing for our garlic crops. We lost all of the elephant garlic. The hard necked garlics survived but the bulbs are small. We cured them and they taste good,  but because their quality is not what we like to provide to our customers,  we will not be selling it this year.
Beekeeper working a hive
We did have a great honey crop this year. Most of it was sold at the Obermiller Strawberry Farm nearby during their strawberry and blueberry seasons.
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