Friday, April 12, 2019

We Welcome New Donkeys to Our Tiny Farm

Two miniature donkeys in a paddock
This week two new donkey boarders joined us on Our Tiny Farm. Meet Wilma, on the left, and Clara, on the right.
Four miniature donkeys standing next to a red barn
They are twelve years old and just the sweetest little donkeys. We still have them separated from our two (you can see ours peeking at them from behind the gate), but I think they will settle in quite nicely.
Four miniature donkeys and a man in a barn


  1. The two new donkeys are adorable. I love your blog. You are living my dream. A real farm, and in the NC mountains, and everything else. You have a beautiful place. A farm close to us has added a solid white donkey to their pasture. He is so cute and is always grazing near the road where I can see him when I pass by.

  2. Oh,Henny Penny, so good to hear from you! Life has been so busy for so long, I have barely kept this blog alive and failed to follow my favorite blogs. I will have to catch back up with you!