Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Locally-Grown, Grass Fed Black Angus Now for Sale!

A recent picture of one of the two steer.

Grass-Fed Angus Beef For Sale
                This is our first year participating in the adventure of locally-produced food, so please join us.  Know where and how your meat was cared for!   We obtained our calves from a large, well-known WNC farm operation which were then gently raised on our small family farm in Etowah, NC.  Our cattle are Black Angus steers, the best for high-quality beef.  They are grass-fed, with no hormones or antibiotics, supplemented with locally-grown hay during the winter and a grain finish (to improve taste and marbling).   The steers are 2 years old and in their prime.

The cattle will be handled at a local USDA-inspected processing facility.  After slaughter, the meat will be hung for two weeks -to age and tenderize before processing.  You won’t get meat from a half-dozen cows from different sources…everything you get will be from one steer.

We are selling by the quarter, but you can buy a quarter, a half or a whole steer!  All cuts will be vacuum-packed and frozen and will be available approximately mid-November for pickup.  We have a typical package (see below), but if you contact us right away (before the actual processing happens) we can have the cuts customized to your wishes.

Typical ¼ steer package:
  • 1” steaks-2 round,  4 Sirloin,  8 T-bone (more or less),  8 Rib-eye,  8 pieces of cube steak
  • Roasts-2 Sirloin tip,  1 shoulder,  2 chuck (center-cut)
  • Other cuts-12 strips of short ribs,  10lbs. of stew meat,  28-30 lbs. of ground beef
Weights prior to butchering are estimates, but the steers should yield at least 100 lb. of meat per ¼.

Many other farms sell by “Hanging Weight” which means what the carcass weighs prior to butchering.  There is always waste, but average recovery of finished meat is about 60% of hanging weight.  So a lower price looks good, but when the waste is figured in, the real price per pound is much greater.  We sell per finished product, so you can better judge what you are paying for.  Since we do not know what the carcass weighs until it is butchered, you may get 100 lbs. or you may get more.  You pay per pound of what your quarter yields, but you only pay for what you get!

Here are some typical meat prices (including sale prices) taken from a local grocery store chain on October 1.  PLEASE NOTE:  This is for “Beef”-NOT for locally-produced, grass-fed Angus beef without hormones and antibiotics and other chemicals used to raise cattle in commercial feed-lots.  We believe that OUR beef is far better than typical commercial beef:

Sirloin steak- $4.78/lb., Rib-eye steak- $10.98/lb., T-bone steak-$12.98/lb., Top round steak $4.78/lb., Cube Steak $4.38/lb.,  Chuck roast- $4.98/lb., Sirloin tip roast- $3.49/lb., Stew Beef $4.28/lb.  

For  our  100% natural, locally-raised, grass-fed,  Black Angus Beef we are asking only  $5.25/lb  for everything!  Steaks, Roasts, Stew meat, ribs and ground meat.   

How to contact us:  
Glen and Jeanine Davis   (828) 243-0806 


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