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Jeanine Marie Davis, Ph.D.

NC State University Contact                                           Personal Business Contact
Mountain Horticultural Crops Research                            Our Tiny Farm
   and Extension Center                                                      942 Etowah School Road
455 Research Drive, Mills River, NC 28759                     Hendersonville, NC 28739
Office Phone: 828-684-3562                                             Email:

Formal Education
Ph.D. 1987, Horticulture, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
M.S. 1983, Horticulture, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
B.S. 1980 Horticulture, Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, PA
A.A. 1975 Fine Arts, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA

Academic Positions and Experience
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Horticultural Science, North Carolina State University, Mills River, NC. 1994-present
North Carolina Specialty Crops Program Coordinator, a multi-agency statewide program.  North Carolina State University,  Mills River and Kinston, NC.  1999-2007
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Horticultural Science, North Carolina State University, Mills River, NC. 1988-1994

Personal Business Experience
Author, Speaker, Consultant-organic farming, growing medicinal herbs and other specialty crops, marketing your crops and farm, and sustainable living,
Co-owner, Our Tiny Farm, Hendersonville, NC-raising garlic, heirloom popcorn, potatoes, winter squash, Black Angus pasture raised beef, mini-donkeys, horses, and bees.

Websites and Blogs
NC State:

Professional Recognition (Selected)
Fellow, American Society for Horticultural Science (2016)
United Natural Products Alliance, North Carolina Chapter, Visionary Leadership Award 2014.
United Plant Savers, Medicinal Plant Conservationist of the Year Award 2012.
Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Science Extension Blue Ribbon Communication Award.  2011, 2002, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1994.
Extension Materials Award, Book. (multiple authors)  American Society Horticultural Science 2009.
NC Biotechnology Center, Western Office: Science in the Mountains Collaborators Award 2008.
New Life Journal: New Life Leader, 2008.
Editorial board for HortTechnology, 2004-2010.
Support Award.  North Carolina Vegetable Growers Association, 2006
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Activist of the Year Award, 2004

Recent Elected Positions (Selected)
Technical Program Committee, American Society for Horticultural Science, 2015-present.
Board member, American Council for Medicinally Active Plants, 2014-2016.
eXtension Forest Farming Community of Practive, 2014-present
Biotechnology and Postharvest Section chair for 2014 Southern Region ASHS conference.
Vice-President, Extension Division, American Society for Horticultural Science 2010-2012.
Board of Directors, American Council for Medicinally Active Plants 2012-2014.

Volunteer and Advisor Positions (Selected)
Board Member and founding board member-Organic Growers School
Advisor, former board member, founding board member-NC Natural Products Association
Advisor to the board-NC Herb Association and NC Tomato Growers Association
Former President and Church Council Member-Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church

Selected External and Internal Research Support (Last 4 Years)
Davis, J. $126,746. Breeding Hop Varieties for North Carolina. Prime Sponsor: USDA Specialty Crops Block Grant via NCDA and CS. 1/17-12/18.
Kpomblekou-A, K, et al. $149,248. Strengthening Organic Farming Infrastructure through Consumer Education, Market Development and Integrated Extension and Research Programs, in the Southeastern Region. Direct Sponsor: Tuskegee University. Prime Sponsor: USDA/OREI. 10/16-9/20.
Bjorkman, T., J.M. Davis, M. Farnham, M. Gomez, P. Griffiths, and C. Sams. $119,043 (subaward). The Eastern Broccoli Project. Direct Sponsor: Cornell University. Prime Sponsor: USDA/SCRI.  9/16-8/21.
Li, X., C. Doherty, T. Hsieh, J. Baros, and J.M. Davis, $137,644. "Hopportunity": Metabolite and Transcriptional Profiling to Identify Regulation of Specialized Metabolism in Hop (Humulus lupulus). Prime Sponor: NC State University's Plants for Human Health Institute Seed Funding Program. 7/15-6/17.
Davis, J.M. $197,971 (subaward). Practical Approach to Foliar Pathogen Control in Organic Tomato Production through Participatory Breeding and Integrated Pest Management. Direct sponsor: Purdue Univ. Prime sponsor: USDA/OREI. 9/14-8/18.
Davis, J.M. $48,000. Improving North Carolina Black Truffle Production. USDA Specialty Crops Block Grant via NCDA and CS. 4/15-3/17.
Anderson, E., et al. WNC AgriVentures-Cultivating Jobs and Innovation Project. $815,000. Lead org: Land of Sky Regional Council. EDA, USDA, DRA, ARC. J. Davis, co-PI for Linking Farmer to Farm component, $99,000. 10/12-9/16.
Mazourek, M., et al. Addressing Critical Pest Management Challenges in Organic Cucurbit Production.  Lead org: Cornell.  NCSU co-PIs P. Ojiambo and J. Davis. OREI-USDA. NCSU component $261,297.  J. Davis: $82,030.  9/12-8/16.
Drake, M.A., et al. Alternative Post-Harvest Washing Solutions to Enhance the Microbial Safety and Quality of Organic Fresh Produce. NCSU component: $612,103. J. Davis cooperator: $8,900. OREI-USDA. 9/12-8/16.
Davis, J.M. $42,000.  Exploring Stevia for Western North Carolina. USDA Specialty Crops Block Grant via NCDA and CS.  1/14-12/15.
Davis, J.M. $14,734, $14,734 and $14,94. Participatory Screening of Broccoli Varieties for Organic Systems in Western NC. Phase I, II, and III. Organic Farming Research Foundation. 11/11-12/15.
Bjorkman, T. $3.2 million. Developing an Eastern Broccoli Industry.  USDA-SCRI.  J. Davis, cooperator, $282,660.  9/10-8/15.
Davis, J.M. $285,000. Echinacea purpurea and E. angustifolia research. Amway/Nutrilite. 4/12-7/15.
Davis, J.M. $9,391. Strengthening the Value Chain of Blue Ridge Naturally… Direct sponsor: AdvantageWest and Land of Sky Regional Council. Federal funding. 7/14-6/15.
Davis, J.M. $51,317. Growing the North Carolina Hops Industry. USDA Specialty Crops Block Grant via NCDA and CS.  1/13-4/15.

Selected Extension Activities (Last 4 Years)
Offered workshops and conferences on medicinal herbs, organic agriculture, hops production, and biodynamic agriculture.
Forest Products Stimulus Stories videos.  15 videos created for the ARRA funded Western NC Forest Products Marketing Project.
Electronic media: websites (,,, blog (, Facebook (, Twitter (
Established an organic research and extension unit at the Mountain Research Station in Waynesville, NC
Organized and conducted in-service training on organic horticulture to extension agents from NC, SC, AL, and AR and medicinal herb production for NC agriculture educators and extension agents.
Give an average of 26 invited presentations each year at conferences in NC and the eastern US.

Recent Graduate Training Experience
Steven Kruger, Ph.D. Virginia Tech University. Committee member. Medicinal herbs. 2014-present.
Adam Johnson, M.H.S. N.C. State University. Advisor. Permaculture. 2014-present.
Jennifer Crumley, M.S. N.C. State University. Advisor. Echinacea project. 2012-present.
Moo Jung Kim, Ph.D. N.C. State Univ. Committee member. Organic blackberry project. 2010-2014.
Jennifer Torgerson, M.S. Western Carolina Univ.  Committee member.  Goldenseal project. 2010-2012.
Chad Cecil.  Ph.D. NCSU. Committee member. Microbiology. Goldenseal.  2007–2011. 

Refereed Journal Articles and Peer Reviewed Bulletins and Articles (Last 4 Years)
Davis, J.M. 2016. Suggested good agricultural and collection practices for North Carolina medicinal herbs. AG-810. NC Cooperative Extension, Raleigh, NC.
Davis, J., S. Johnson, and K. Jennings.  2015.  Herbicide carryover in hay, manure, compost, and grass clippings.  NC. Cooperative Extension Service, AG-727W (revised).
Davis, J.M. 2012.  Assisting farmers to produce high quality medicinal herbs. HortScience 47:976-978.
Davis, J. and J. Harrison. 2011.  Producing Shiitake mushrooms: a guide for small-scale outdoor cultivation on logs.  AG-478 (Revised), N.C. Cooperative Extension Service, p. 1-8.
Cecil, C.E., J.M. Davis, N.B. Cech, and S.M. Laster. 2011.  Inhibition of H1N1 influenza A virus growth and induction of inflammatory mediators by the isoquinoline alkaloid berberine and extracts of goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis).  Int Immunopharmacol. 11(11):1706-14.
Cech, N.B, V. Kandhi, J.M. Davis, A. Hamilton, D. Eads, and S.M. Laster. 2010. Echinacea and its alkylamides: Effects on the influenza A-induced secretion of cytokines, chemokines, and PGE2 from RAW 264.7 macrophage-like cells. Int Immunopharmacol 10:1268-1278.

Books and Chapters in Books
Davis, J.M. and W.S. Persons. 2014. Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Other Woodland Medicinals. New Society Publishers, British Columbia, Canada (revised, expanded).
Munsell, J. J. Davis, and J. Chamberlain.  2013. Forest Farming. Chapter 7.  Training Manual for Applied Agroforestry Practices. 2013 Edition. The Center for Agroforestry, University of Missouri, p. 115-126.
Chamberlain, J.L., D. Mitchell, T. Brigham, T. Hobby, L. Zabek, and J. Davis.  2009.  Forest Farming Practices.  Chapter 9, North American Agroforestry: An Integrated Science and Practice.   2nd Edition, H.E. Garrett, Ed. American Society of Agronomy, Madison, WI.
Persons, W.S. and J.M. Davis. 2007 and 2005. Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Other Woodland Medicinals. Bright Mountain Books, Fairview, NC. 466 pp.

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