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Public Speaking
Jeanine M. Davis, Ph.D. is a frequent speaker at events throughout the U.S. and Canada. With over 29 years of experience working in fields and forests with a wide range of crops, and as a small-scale farmer herself, she has a reputation for providing practical information based on personal experience and often supported by research. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her sense of humor keeps her audiences entertained while being educated. She tailors each presentation to suit the audience, whether they are fellow researchers, farmers, gardeners, youth, or the general public.

Topics she covers with colorful PowerPoint presentations, in fun hands-on workshops, or in small  group discussion settings include: how to grow woodland botanicals such as ginseng, goldenseal and bloodroot; how to grow stevia and make a stevia product; grow your own luffa sponge gourds; organic vegetable production; how to grow hops in the Southeast; specialty crops, from artichokes to truffles; heirloom vegetables; living the small farm dream; what to do with all those vegetables; how to attract customers at the farmers' market, and more.

Jeanine has an extension appointment with NC State University, so every speaking opportunity is evaluated to determine if she will be speaking as "Jeanine Davis, NCSU Extension Specialist" or "Jeanine Davis, Author, Farmer, and Speaker". Please contact her through the contact form on the home page of this blog to inquire about availability and fees.

Jeanine can be hired as a consultant outside the state of North Carolina. Within the state of North Carolina, consulation on topics such as growing vegetables, herbs, specialty crops, and organic agriculture is part of her responsibilities as an extension specialist with NC State University. Please contact her through the contact form on the home page of this blog to discuss this and inquire about her availability and fees.

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