Monday, November 4, 2013

Pastured Raised Black Angus Beef Aging Now-You Can Place Your Orders

The two Black Angus cattle we raised on our pastures are ready for market. Our daughter thanked them for sharing their lives with us and providing us sustenance.

The meat is aging now. You can pre-order, by the quarter, at this time. We don't have final weights or prices yet. Our meat is priced and sold by the final packaged weight. Most farmers sell by "hanging weight" which includes fat and bones that won't be included in your box. So keep that in mind when you order.

Yesterday, two new Black Angus steers joined us on Our Tiny Farm. They were just weaned. They settled in quickly and seem to like their new home.

This pretty, 11 year old Paint joined us on the farm on Wednesday. So it has been a busy week with animals on Our Tiny Farm!


  1. Hi, how do we place an order for the Black Angus beef?

    1. Kristy, Sorry it took me a month to respond to your comment! Blogger is supposed to send me an email when someone leaves a comment, but I didn't get it. Please use the contact form on the blog page. That will then allow us to communicate personally via email without either of us putting our email addresses on the blog. I intend to post more information today about the beef. Thanks. Happy holidays.