Sunday, August 10, 2014

Don't let the mini-donkeys get bored

Little Man, our old Tennessee Walker, this spring.
We have had an interesting time with our mini-donkeys in recent weeks. As I've explained before, these little ones want daily attention and affection and love to be played with and talked to. I was gone from the farm for eight days attending conferences in Valle Crucis, NC and Orlando, FL. My family take very good care of all the animals when I am gone, but they don't always have the time or inclination to inteact with the mini-donkeys the way I do. One morning it was raining hard and was just down right unpleasant outside. We went out to quickly feed our old horse (he can't get by on just grass anymmore). We did not give the donkeys much affection and we could tell they weren't happy about it. Well, several hours later my daughter's boyfriend looked out the window and asked "What happened to Little Man's tail?". Apparently, the mini-donkeys had been bored and frustrated and trimmed the horse's tail!
Little Man after the mini-donkeys dined on his tail!
Thank goodness they didn't eat the tail of the horse we board! So now I am very concerned that the donkeys get adequate attention daily and have many toys in the pasture to play with. I have also treated both horses' tails with Dawn dish soap (recommended by our vet) and may put some "No-Chew" on the boarding horse's tail. As you can see, it is always something new to keep us on our toes at Our Tiny Farm.
Meadow and Chester playing with the big Jolly Ball.
Chester and Meadow with their new mini-Jolly Ball.

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  1. How funny that they chewed the horse's tail. The donkeys are so cute. I still want a couple of donkeys. Sounds like a good birthday present to me. I need to start hinting to my husband. I enjoyed you post. You have a beautiful farm.