Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It is harvest season and there is a hint of fall in the air!

It is mid-August and life has slowed down just a little bit on Our Tiny Farm. I noticed this week that there are some tree leaves on the ground, the late afternoon light is changing, and there is just a hint of fall in the air. I know we aren't even close yet, but change is in the air.
The garlic is dried and cured and hubby started the process of trimming and cleaning it today.
It is very beautiful garlic and we had a good yield. We will be offering it for sale soon at the Mills River Farmers' Market and on-line here and on Ebay.
Our very senior horse has put on weight and is looking good this summer. We feed him grain and soaked alfalfa twice a day. It is a lot of work, but we want his golden years to be comfortable.
And here is a picture of the absolute sweetest dog in the world. He is always smiling and gets along well with all the other animals on Our Tiny Farm.
The donkeys are very easy keepers and started to really put on weight this summer. So we now confine them to the paddock during the day and just put them on the pasture for the evening and overnight. As long as they can always see and touch noses with the horse, they seem okay with it.
And we will end this update with a shot of one of the gardens on the farm. In a few weeks I will provide an update on the honey, popcorn, and potato crops and where we will be selling them. We will also have an estimate on when we will have our pasture raised Black Angus beef for sale.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

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